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Gynecomastia is a common condition where the breasts of boys and men enlarge to resemble a woman’s breast. This is due to the enlargement of the tissues in the male Chest.
Gynecomastia is seen in adolescent boys to be due to a source of distress; however these pubertal growths may go away after the onset without treatment.

Signs and Symptoms

Gynecomastia appears as Male breasts. Swollen glands are seen in the breasts. Also the chest becomes very tender and at times sore. The time you should seek professional help is when the swelling occurs, pain is felt, tenderness is felt or the nipples start to enlarge in one or both the breasts. Gynecomastia may be unilateral or bilateral, indicating either one or both the breasts as swollen. It could be a possible sign that the individual may have breast cancer (older men), this will be diagnosed by the doctor.

Hormonal imbalance

Testosterone and estrogen are both present in a male’s body, but the testosterone usually plays a dominant factor in the male’s body. When the Estrogen is more, the swelling in the breasts is visible leading to Gynecomastia.

Puberty, at this very tender age of growth the body’s hormones can be of varying levels. This can mean a spurt in estrogen, but usually after the teenager grows up the hormonal levels equal again. This clears the swelling.
Gynecomastia can arise due to many other conditions like metabolic disorders, side-effects of medication, too much indulging in alcohol, smoking, Illegal drugs and steroids, old age or a natural decline in the testosterone construction in one’s body.


  • When the swelling occurs, pain is felt, tenderness is felt or the nipples start to enlarge in one or both the breasts.
  • During the Adolescent age the male chest increases in size but if there is no pain, then we can wait till he crosses his teenage. Generally physiological enlargement of the chest will return to normal after 20yr of age.
  • If the swelling is persistent, or the Boy feels too depressed due to others teasing him, we can surgically intervene by Liposuction.

Gynecomastia can be treated by two methods,
*Liposuction - In this procedure, the excess fat from the chest area is removed which will considerably reduce the size of the breasts.
*Mastectomy (Large Size) - In this procedure, the breast gland tissues are removed thereby removing the entire breasts. A small incision is made in the chest region and the tissues are removed which will leave very less scarring.
Gynecomastia Treatment - In just one day the entire fat will be removed through cannulas. But it will leave the skin loose, to prevent any further accumulation of serous liquid, you will have to wear a tight vest (pressure garment) for three months. Which will give a flat chest and good shape.

Protocol for Liposuction (Gynecomastia)
  • Post Consultation you need to give measurement for pressure garment.

  • Blood test, Xray chest and Ecg Investigations to be done before surgery to know whether you are Anaesthetically fit for surgery.

  • (in case you are from out of chennai, you will have to get admitted a day before).

  • (if you smoke or drink - you need to stop smoking or alcohol 5 days before surgery).

  • Admission on the previous night of the surgery day, Surgery will take 2 - 3 hrs time , --> there will be tight dressing and plaster applied around the chest area.

  • You will be discharged the same evening with oral medications.

  • For 1 week you will have to refrain from driving car or bike or any similar activities which strain the chest muscles and shoulder muscles.

  • After 1 week you will have to come for review. i would remove the dressing and put the pressure garments on you. from the next day on-wards you can take bath. there will be two small suture on the outer sides of your chest which will fall off by itself on the second week post surgery.

  • After 8th day you can resume your office work, but you should not go for gym or strenuous activities.

  • After 3 weeks you can resume all strenuous activities including going to gym, swimming etc.

  • You will have to come for second review on the 45th day post surgery. similarly the pressure garment needs to be tightened after 45 days.